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Wrinkle Killer Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment 5x2ml

Wrinkle Killer Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment 5x2ml

Wrinkle Killer Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment 5x2ml

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With a 5 day course of skinChemists innovative Wrinkle Killer Activ+ technology, you can watch years disappear leaving you with a supple, youthful complexion.

The active ingredients work together boosting your appearance by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and firming the skin. The treatment penetrates the deeper dermal layers, replenishing moisture and restoring vital nourishment. Syn-Ake is a peptide that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper Snake.

This active ingredient is capable of reducing wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions, and is a globally celebrated active ingredient in the world of anti ageing. Vitamin E is responsible for a number of complex protective functions within the skin. Published studies have confirmed that Vitamin E assists with increasing the hydration of the skin surface, has anti-inflammatory properties, and protects against damage from free radicals. This works effortlessly in conjunction with active ingredient Castor Oil which is a water binding agent for even deeper hydration of the skin.

Application And Skin Types

As individual treatments use after cleansing, allowing the serum to rest on the face for a minimum of 5 minutes. Apply to the face and neck.

To open the ampoule, hold it with both hands, with one thumb against the narrow top section above the white line. Hold the bottom of the ampoule firmly, whilst pushing the top section away from you with easy pressure. The glass should not shatter if you use a firm yet gentle pressure, however, we recommend using a paper towel, thin cloth or piece of gauze when opening the ampoule to protect your hands.



The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Syn-Ake, imitating the effects of the venom of a Temple Viper Snake, works to reduce mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions to reduce the visibility of signs of skin ageing.
2) Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, aiming to prevent skin damage and protect against environmental aggressors, whilst working to hydrate the skin.
3) Castor Oil acts as a water binding agent, to increase moisture retention in the skin.

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