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Rose Quartz Lip Plump

Rose Quartz Lip Plump

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Our Rose Quartz Lip Plump can give you a fuller pout without the pain and commitment offered by fillers. This Lip Plump is designed to hydrate the lips, whilst actively boosting them for a fuller pout, leaving them soft and lightly glossy. Providing all the benefits of a lip gloss and a lip balm, with an actively pumping effect. 

With key ingredient Volulip, derived from the 'Kiss Me Quick' plant, this lip plump aims to stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid, producing an active plumping effect. Circulation of blood to the surface of the lip is further enhanced by Peppermint Oil producing a fuller pout.

Application And Skin Types

Just apply like lipgloss for a needle-free lip plump.

Best for:
- All skin types.



The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Vitamin E aims to provide deep hydration, reducing dry chapped lips, whilst protecting from external damage.
2) Volulip, derived from the 'Kiss Me Quick' plant, aims to stimulate Hyaluronic Acid synthesis, producing an active plumping effect.
3) Peppermint Oil improves circulation, bringing more blood to the surface of the lips, further encouraging a fuller pout, with a refreshing taste.

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Feefo Reviews - Average 80% (593 reviews)

  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Amazing services!
    Product : I love absolutely everting about this product. It’s a real must have for each modern girl and woman. It instantly improves you lips - combats dry lips, even those very dry, makes them
    look fuller, very juicy and shinny. You can use it as a base or...
    Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Quick delivery
    Product : This is a lovely lip gloss gives a nice tingle and a feeling of fuller lips However if you’re looking for a big difference in the plumpness of your lips, this is not the product for you.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Overall good service! The package came really fast, earlier than expected.
    Product : This product is a good lip gloss and smells nice but it didn’t plump my lips like I wanted it to.. my lips are small so I was hoping for a bigger effect. It is still a nice lip gloss though and lasts for...
    Read More.
  • Flora Balazs
    Service rating : Haven't noticed any differences on my lip. Taste like peppermint. Use it on weekdays when I need a clear lipgloss and don't want too much makeup on my face. Btw. service was brilliant.
    Product : Haven't noticed any differences on my lip. Taste like peppermint. Use it on weekdays when...
    Read More.
  • Waverley Clarke
    Service rating : Great company! Would definitely purchase products from them.

    I do find their site sometime has some glitches though.
    Product : This was ok. It did make my lips tingle but didn’t have the same affects as some other lip plumpers I use. I wouldn’t pay full price for this item.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : I thought the service overall was good. Received my goods in perfect time. Only thing was while ordering online the payment page for visa wouldn’t work nor would it take me to the page which was very disappointing but the PayPal one was working fine. Which was disappointing but I got... Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    The product works. After my first application I could feel the product working in a tingling in the lips and after a few moments I could see that my lips were slightly fuller and had a bit more colour (slightly being the key word). I think if you wanted a product that makes your pout (that you’re already... Read More.
  • Rhiannon Weaver
    Service rating : fast delivery and easy website to use
    Product : Good quality, hydrating and feels nice not sticky
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Amazing offer and product came safely packaged, high quality packaging and came as quickly as stated.
    Product : Smells lovely, very fresh peppermint smell. Nice gentle lip plumper without stinging/numbing sensation and a lovely shine.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : I have enjoyed all aspects of my SkinChemists experience from the sales page to the three wait time for the product
    Product : This left my lips feeling great and looking a little larger after every use. The color was very nice and and works well for me
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Did nothing for my lips except put a shine on. It has not inhanced them at all. Would like a full refund please
    Product : Done nothing but put shine on my lips. Waste of my money. So disappointed as was hoping for more. Please can I have full refund
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Skinchemists were easy to use and really strategy guy forward, my package was here within a couple of days literally, which is good for me because I hate waiting for deliveries! Product is good too i’m really happy with it!
    Product : It’s slightly less thick than I would have hoped,...
    Read More.
  • Kelly-Anne Combes
    Service rating : Great communication, speedy delivery. .
    Product : As for the product itself I am really impressed. The gloss goes on smoothly and has really great staying power. My lips certainly feel fuller and I shall continue to use it until I get the desired pout
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Quick delivery, great product... Would recommend
    Product : Great product, smells lovely, looks nice and makes your lips tingle
  • Skin Customer
    I received the rose quartz lip plumper soon after ordering it. It was delivered quickly and packaged well. But as for the lip plumper , I didn’t see any difference on my lips it felt pleasant on my lips and I loved the scent from it but 2 me it was like any other lip gloss I’ve tried. I would order from skin... Read More.
  • Carys Cox
    Service rating : The webpage is super easy to navigate, there’s no confusion when purchasing goods! The rose quartz lip plump is a beautiful product, I’m happy with the outcome! Not only does the product plump it also feels very nourishing! Thank you skin chemists!
    Product : The lip plump itself...
    Read More.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : I thought the service was good and I got the product very quickly
    Product : This product makes my lips feel really smooth but I don’t see them being plumper which is the main thing for this product
  • Raluca Guna
    Service rating : It's really working! Love it
    Product : Good quality! It's really working! Love it
  • Shaziya Ansari
    Service rating : Fast and quick delivery
    Product : You certainly know when you've applied this product, feel a slight tingling for min or 2.
    Love this! Really plumps lips
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Didn't last very long on lips. Looks nice when you first put it on
    Product : Looks nice when you first put in on, didn't last very long