Innovation Range

Range Overview

Working to provide instant, tangible results, our Innovation range is specially formulated to provide an instant lifting and tightening effect, looking years younger in a matter of minutes.

Key products Instant Eyelift and Instant Facelift work in minutes to provide a quick, visible, anti-ageing fix. By instantly lifting and tightening the skin, a youtful appearance can be achieved in a matter of moments ofr all of those important events and occasions.

  • Key Actives

    Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

  • Key Concerns

    ❯ Visible ageing ❯ Uneven skin tone ❯ Problem areas

  • Recommended Age


  • Skin Type

    ❯ Mature ❯ Damaged ❯ Combination

  • Action

    Instant Effect

  • Effect

    ❯ Lifting ❯ Firming ❯ Refining

Customer Statement

"The only warning I would give you with this product is that it could become addictive, once you get used to seeing your skin looking seriously younger it would be easy to get used to." - Lynda Glass, beauty blogger

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)