Retinol Range

Range Overview

The skinChemists' Retinol range has embarked on a truly indulgent journey to skin rejuvenation. Filled with age-defiant encapsulated retinol and slathered in vital oils and vitamins, the range encourages a timeless complexion topped with a deeply conditioning finish. Turn back the clock to youthful, glowing skin with this fearless range. In this range, encapsulated retinol is used to ensure a controlled release into the skin to make it effective throughout the day. Retinol increases cell production in the top layer of skin, so it helps to pep up the skin with a smoother and more youthful look. It also has a positive effect on collagen production as the skin uses retinoic acid when it produces collagen and, as a result, skin looks plumper. Also, it helps to reduce pigmentation that comes with sun damage.

  • Key Actives


  • Key Concerns

    ❯ Loss of firmness
    ❯ Visible signs of ageing

  • Recommended Age


  • Skin Type

    ❯ Damaged
    ❯ Mature
    ❯ Combination

  • Action


  • Effect

    ❯ Firming
    ❯ Rejuvenating
    ❯ Plumping

Customer Statement

"Nice product, my skin feels lovely after using it. Think wrinkles are less defined..." - Bren

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)