Bee venom Range

Range Overview

Known as a royal favourite, our Bee Venom inspired collection is a specially developed to provide intense hydration to the skin while increasing its collagen production for a younger, plumper and firmer complexion. Key ingredient Bee Venom works by tricking the skin into thinking it has been likely stung and therefore brings blood to the surface of the skin quicker. This works to provide a plumping effect, smoothing the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful look. Bee Venom also works to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Do not use this range if you are allergic to bees.

  • Key Actives

    Bee venom

  • Key Concerns

    ❯ Uneven skin tone
    ❯ Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Recommended Age


  • Skin Type

    ❯ Dry
    ❯ Dull
    ❯ Mature

  • Action


  • Effect

    ❯ Plumping
    ❯ Firming
    ❯ Nourishing"


Results for a subjective trial over a 28 day period using Bee venom Facial Serum on 100 participants found that:
98% of users felt the serum working
99% of users felt a change in skin softness
100% of users felt it was the best product they have used
74% of users noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
99% of users felt a change in skin complexion
80% of users felt a boost in confidence
100% of users felt a change in skin hydration
93% of users felt their skin felt younger

Customer Statement

"It is not often I can see a visible difference to my skin after applying my skincare however with Skin Chemists London I am always amazed at how lovely my skin looks and feels right after using their products. The Rose Quartz Brightening & Lifting Serum has definitely lived up to my expectations making my skin look beautifully glowing plus so soft and smooth." - Zoe Mountford, beauty blogger

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10 Item(s)