Rose Quartz Range

Range Overview

Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, aims to prevent impurities and dead skin cells settling on the skin, to reveal soft, fresh and youthful skin. Its light-reflective crystals illuminate the skin, whilst the restorative and energetic properties of the crystal work to soften flaws and boost radiance.

In this range, Rose Quartz is used in powdered form to help transform the skin, giving it a natural radiance and delicately blended with a beautiful amassment of skin loving science to leave the skin softly-lit, luminous and beautifully enhanced.

  • Key Actives

    Marine Collagen, Matrixyl 3000

  • Key Concerns

    ❯ Fine lines & wrinkles
    ❯ Uneven skin tone

  • Recommended Age


  • Skin Type

    ❯ Mature
    ❯ Combination
    ❯ Dry

  • Action


  • Effect

    ❯ Boosting
    ❯ Firming
    ❯ Rejuvenating

Customer Statement

" I really like the tightening effect (which can be seen and felt) immediately after application and I love that a few weeks in to using this, my skin definitely looks firmer with fine lines visibly reduced." - K. Galbraith

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)