Advanced Wrinkle killer Snake Serum 6%

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Our Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum 6% is 50% stronger than our original best-selling Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum to further the battle against ageing skin. Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum aims to provide anti-ageing benefits, as well as deep hydration and nutrition to visibly improve the comlpexion.

The British brand SkinChemists is synonymous with intelligent skincare design born with tradition. Working with leading pharmacists, chemists, scientists and beauticians worldwide, SkinChemists develops revolutionary and effective skincare treatments.

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The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1)Syn-Ake works in a three-step process to freeze, firm and hydrate the skin, aiming to reduce mimic wrinkles by gently inhibiting muscle contractions.

2)Wheat Amino Acids aim to provide deep hydration and maintain moisture levels.

3) Hyaluronic Acid aims to maintain moisture levels and skin firmness

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How to use

Who should use Advanced Wrinkle killer Duo Moisturiser?

- Use if you have dry skin

- Use this product if you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles

- Use this product if you are concerned about damaged skin

- Use this product if you want to look younger

- Use this product for increased radiance

- Use this product for skin tightening

- Use this product for firmer skin

- Use this product if you want to feel more confident in your skin

You can use all skinChemists products with your existing skincare regime

Feefo Reviews - Average 67% (6 reviews)

  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Pas de problème
    Product : Vous pouvez voir les résultats!! Je suis très heureux!
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Packaging was not perfect and one of marine cream is not working properly.
    Product : Have not seen any benefits but too early to evaluate. Smooth and frangranceless which is great and great absorption,
  • Patricia Sacki
    Service rating : Great product have used it for many years now
    Product : Excellent product really does deep moisturising every time and definitely reduces fine lines
  • Diana Saager
    Service rating : I still have not received my order!!!
    Product : Please make sure your clients have received their goods before you ask them for a review!!!
  • Patricia Sacki
    Service rating : Always prompt with delivery. I have been using the products for along time now and have converted some of my family and friends because I really believe in the products.
    Product : Have used this product for a good while now having first used the 4% version. I always start my day...
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  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : I could never get any of the discount codes to work.
    Product : Really love this product. So much that I probably used too much at a time and it went fast.