• Advanced Caviar favourites

    The Advanced Caviar range has LANDED! And what a range it is! In my opinion, this is the sleekest range that skinChemists has ever produced! The day and night moisturiser...
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  • NEW: Advanced Caviar range

    What do you see when you think of caviar? Fish? Small black beads of delight? Small lack beads of terror? Whatever it is, I can almost guarantee you weren’t thinking...
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  • Instant Facelift: Beginners guide

        “Maybe I’ll treat myself to some Botox for Christmas” was a recent comment from my mum! I personally couldn’t think of much worse than having needles jabbed into...
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  • Rejuvenate with Retinol

      Having recently been to the Caribbean, I have the typical signs of a holiday-goer. I possess holiday trinkets, a tanned appearance…and dry skin. Yes, while 10 days of sun...
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  • Science, snakes and the super serum

      Snakes. Not many of us like them. If I saw one, I would probably run a mile whilst screaming my head off! But…what if I told you that the...
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  • Clinging on to Collagen

      Once we hit our 20’s, collagen production starts to approximately decrease by 1% each year. *Cue furious taping on calculators* But what is collagen and why is it so...
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  • To Bee or not to Bee...

    Trends come and go and what’s hot one week suddenly disappears the next. When it was revealed that Kate Middleton was a fan of Bee Venom skincare back in 2013...
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  • Fairy Godmothers DO exist!

      With it being wedding season, we all want to look our best. No doubt there will be a barrage of photos, awkward meet and greets and probably a reunion...
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  • Pretty in pink

      Rose Quartz Radiance Enhancing Eye Serum Lift ~ Smooth ~ Illuminate   Like most girls, I love a bit of pink...(I'm even wearing pink trousers as I write this...
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  • When it comes to your makeup, it really is all about that base.

    Perfect makeup starts with perfect skin, and we all strive to be flawless and poreless.

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