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24-Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum

24-Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum

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Our 24 Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum has been formulated to soothe and hydrate the skin for all day moisturisation. This serum would be the perfect product to use on the go for a quick zap of hydration.

- Skin looks brighter, healthier and more radiant.
- Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Improves vitality.

Application And Skin Types

Using the first two fingers of each hand, spread the serum upwards and outwards from each dab on your face. Use a swirling motion to blend the serum into your skin. It is usually easier to start at your neck and work your way up your face to your forehead.

Best for:
- Normal skin
- Combination skin.
- Sensitive skin.



The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Rose Water to calm and soothe the skin 
2) Allantoin aims to moisturise and soothe thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties
3) Aloe Vera stimulates the healing process of the skin, its anti-inflammatory properties enable gentle soothing of the skin

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Feefo Reviews - Average 94% (142 reviews)

  • Kim Troll
    Service rating : Spot-on as always in how thy deal with customers
    Product : Immediately absorbed and skin felt less tight
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : I have been purchasing products from SkinChemists for several years, they are always prompt, I have never had any issues.
    Product : The product goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.
    While I know the scent alone doesn't impact the performance of the product, it is amazing, I...
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  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Excellent customer service , dealing promptly with all the enquires . Very professional and effective
    Product : Moisturiser shot . Bought it for my boyfriend , has got very dry skin and that's the first cream which has genuinely improve his skin condition.
  • Charlotte Hands
    Service rating : Quick delivery and easy to use ordering. I was chosen to review a serum which was full size.
    Product : Serum has a really nice scent and a velvety texture which sinks in very quickly leave skin feeling soft. I have used the serum everyday and am beginning to see an improvement in...
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  • Aimee Bradley
    Service rating : delivery a little slow much like the website when ordering.
    Product : Absolutely lovely serum, it’s very light and absorbs into the skin quickly. It’s a clear gel like liquid, and leaves the skin feeling fresh. It’s nog oily at all which is great for anyone with an oily skin prone to...
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  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : The serum is definitely worth the price since it does last for 24 hours and your skin feels so smooth like a new-borns skin. The skin feels perfectly hydrated and the serum is easy to apply, it only takes a couple minutes and you are all set.
    Product : The purchase was a very...
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  • Sonya Harper
    Service rating : Good communication, fast delivery and packaged really well.
    Product : This is a great serum with a gel-to-water type consistency. After using it consistently for over a week with my regular skin routine, it keeps my dry skin well hydrated throughout the day and works well with the...
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  • Amy Charlesworth
    Service rating : Great customer service, updated frequently about my order and quick delivery. Emails were easy to read and able to track my order.
    Product : Packaged nicely and product looks quite high end, I thought the smell was lovely and not too overpowering and the texture was nice, it...
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  • Sarah Tan
    Service rating : Delivery was quick and the process of ordering the products was hassle free!
    Product : I've got very bad eczema on my face and I can't use steroid creams so I have been on the market for a good light weight but extra moisturising product. This serum was great for that, I...
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  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Excellent service, product arrived nicely packaged and within good time
    Product : Texture lovely, smelt good , felt good
  • Katy Egan-Daynes
    Service rating : Great communication but I would have liked a tracking number for my package. Initial emails came fast with my codes etc. I was really pleased that I got such a great bargain as my first trial product to review, the 24 Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum was fantastic. Great for my dry winter... Read More.
  • Kayley Barton
    Service rating : Fast delivery great customer service happy with my product and service
    Product : This is more of a gel rather than a cream but goes into skin great without a greasy residue smells lush has made my skin so soft
  • Tracey Skeldon
    Service rating : I would definitely recommend Skin Chemist A fantastic choice of products for all skin types.
    Product : I have used Aqua Repair Serum for 1 week .aI found it so easy to apply .It hydrated my skin and it looks so much brighter ,smoother and healthy.This product is so light and does...
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  • Alyssa Lowry
    Service rating : The delivery was a little delayed but skin chemist answered all of my questios
    Product : I really do love this product. I adore the smell which I really didn’t think I would as it’s rose but it’s hust the right amount. The products absorbs into the skin quickly! I couple this with my...
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  • Anne Bird
    Started to see results within two days! Skin has more luster and my face feels more healthy! Would recommend and buy again at the right price!Have not tried other products yet, if as good as the face cream I will look at further products!
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Great service, quick delivery. Product is amazing!
    Product : Brilliant product, skin feels & looking amazing!
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Very slow.
    Product : I'm allergic to this product. On first opening the metal covering does not come off very easily.
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Brilliant service from start to finish
    Product : Great item made my skin feel great
  • Skin Customer
    Service rating : Great service thank you 😊
    Product : I like the product but it’s a tad drying for my skin.
  • Kirsty Silberborth
    Service rating : Parcel took slightly longer to arrive then expected but received communication regarding dispatch.
    Product : Really like this serium as I have a combination skin type. My skin was nicely moisturized after use without the feel of extra oil added to the skin. This will also last quit a...
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